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       Dear Editor,
       Thank you for the newsletter, I read with interest
       about the Course for Omani Catering Instructors.
       It was a shame we didn’t know it was taking place,
       as I along with Norman (Steve) Stevens were
       European Instructors at The Force Catering School
       and Kevin Brennen the OC in the mid 80’s to the
       early 90’s. At that time all the catering within
       the units was provided by Asians mainly Indians,
       along with Sri Lankans & Bangladeshis, with the
       occasional Pakistani.  These chefs were recruited
       from the top Hotels in their native country, and
       depending where the head chef came from,
       depended on how they interpreted the dishes.
          All Army units had at least 2 British Officers,
       usually the CO & QM and an Ex REME Warrant
       Officer. The way dishes were cooked & served varied
       from unit to unit, it was our job was to standardize
       the food throughout each unit. We had a maximum
       of six students on each course,  which ran from
       Saturday through to Wednesday, 7am till 2pm. As
       bread was almost impossible to buy it was always
       the first thing we taught them to make, and the first
       task each morning, then it was either soups & sauces,
       potatoes & vegetables, main course dishes and des-  News from down-under
       serts. During Ramadan, as no food was required
       during the day, we used to go round each unit teach-
                                                     Member Brian Kay from Australia regularly keeps in touch with
       ing them how to use Field Cooking Equipment.
                                                     the Association especially with regard to his work, and that of many
          During our time there, cooking was regarded as
                                                     others, for the Returned and Services Leagues (RSL) of Australia.
       a woman’s job, it wasn’t till very late in our time at
                                                     Brian kindly forwarded the attached cutting and reports: I’m busy
       the School that we got a young Omani man who
                                                     with my RSL work and like the UK Army we are strug-
       we trained as both a Chef & later as an Instructor.
                                                     gling with our younger veterans reintegrating back into
       There were two Indian Instructors that taught
                                                     civvy street and gaining meaningful employment, and sadly
       Arabic food, and a Sri Lankan that did  waiting
                                                     with increased suicides among all veterans. Our RSL Sub
       courses.  The biggest shame about not knowing
                                                     Branch decided to sponsor a veterans’ rugby league football
       about them being here
                                                     team and they will have an inaugural match with a Regular
       was that they visited
                                                     Army service team during our Sub Branch Open Day (another first for
       Skegness, which is only
                                                     us). I attach a report from the local newspaper on the Open Day and
       a couple of miles from
                                                     we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us next
       where I live.
                                                     week. Take care, regards, Brian.
       Yours, Dave Button
                                                     President Bray Park-Strathpine Sub Branch Inc.
                                                     Dear Wally,
                                                     I have passed on the information on the ACC Remembrance Day
                                                     events to our current and past Colonel Commandants AACC. Once
                                                     again I’m sorry I missed you on my recent visit to the UK, and wish you
                                                     all the best for future ACC commemorations. Thank you for publish-
                                                     ing my article in the last Edition of your Corps Journal, The Flaming
                                                     Cauldron, Summer 2019, it keeps our connections very much alive.
                                                     I note the ACC involvement in the National Memorial Arboretum
                                                     this year; I was stationed at  Whittington Barracks Litchfield in
                                                     1960-62 as a Cpl Cook with the Mercian Brigade; my father SQMS
                                                     J.C.Kay ACC was an Instructor at the Catering Training Centre, and
                                                     my younger brother David was a Bandsboy with the Worcestershire
                                                     Regiment.  Very much a  ‘family’ affair! So Litchfield has a special
                                                     place in my memory of service in the British Army and the ACC,
                                                     and I look forward to reading a report in the Corps Journal on this
                                                     Commemorative Service. Fond Regards, Brian Kay
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