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         Secretary’s Notes                             Executive Council   necessitated the packing and movement of literally
                                                                           I digress, back to  Worthy Down.  The move
                                                        ACC Association
         I wrote in the last edition that “the first months of   Chairman & Council   hundreds of items of RLC and Forming Corps
                                                       members elected by   paintings, silver and other items of memorabilia,
         2019 have been busier than ever”. Whilst that was
                                                        the membership:  not to mention significant quantities of other ‘stuff ’
         certainly  true  at  the  time,  the  past  few  months
                         have been even busier! I also   Lt Col Nigel Shepherd   gathered over very many years. Members who
                         suggested that “the remainder of               attended Corps Sunday will recall the availability
                                                        Major Erik Crichton
                         2019 and especially 2020 is going              of some items of ACC memorabilia which was
                                                      Members’ Representative
                         to be a challenge for all concerned”,   Mr Bob Nicol
                         so perhaps I wasn’t too far wide   Members’ Representative  2020 Dates for the Diary
                         of the mark. The move of RHQ   Mr Brian Henderson   ACC Association
                         The RLC from  Deepcut to           Jones        TBC February     ACC Association Executive
                                                      Members’ Representative
                         Worthy Down has been much                                        Council Meeting
                         anticipated but it’s really only   Ex-Officio subsidiary
         when the packing crates arrive that everyone (well   ACC organisation   Sunday 5th July   Corps Sunday – Church and
                                                          members:                        Lunch Venue TBC
         me anyway) starts to pay close attention. Since my
                                                       Col Wally Torrington   8th – 11th May   All Ranks Reunion at Sketchley
         arrival in post in September 2017, Princess Royal
                                                        ACC Officers’ Club                Grange Hotel
         Barracks and the  surrounding area  has  been an
         ever-growing building site. Traffic diversions have   Major (Retd) Alan Penny   Thursday 5th November Opening Ceremony of the Field
         been  a  constant  feature  of  my  weekly  visits  to   ACC & RLC (P&P)         of Remembrance
         Deepcut as new roads, footpaths and utilities are   Sergeants’ Assn   Sunday 8th November   Cenotaph Parade (limited to
         installed, the view from the office window appears   Representative              45 tickets) and lunch at the HAC
         to change regularly.                           Lt Col Tony Monk   Sunday 8th November   National Memorial Arboretum
                                                         ACC Golf Society
            Now as we approach the end of 2019, almost                                    Remembrance Ceremony,
         all of the military residents have decanted to                                   everyone welcome
         Leconfield and other locations, including Worthy   Administrative &
                                                       Co-Opted members:  ACC & RLC Chefs (P&P) Sergeant’s Association
         Down. Apart from a small rear party, the RHQ
                                                       Major Wally Vincent   Saturday 22th February  Members and Partners Dinner
         and RLC Museum have continued to fight a ‘rear
                                                       Association Secretary              Holiday Inn, Farnborough
         guard action’ against the growing sprawl of new
                                                        Major Dougie Dau
         houses steadily creeping towards Dettingen House.   ACC Benevolence   8th – 11th May   All Ranks Reunion at Sketchley
         However, the time has arrived for the RHQ to move   Representative               Grange Hotel
         to its  new home; the RLC Museum is  currently   Mr Colin MacDonald   Friday 28th August   Combined Sergeants’ (P&P)
         closed whilst it packs up and moves into its brand   Web Master, Media &         Association and Officers’ Club
         new building at Worthy Down, probably around                                     reception and curry supper at the
                                                         Mr Mike Coyle
         the middle of next year. Deepcut HQ Officers’                                    Victory Services Club
                                                       167 Catering Support
         Mess closed its doors many months ago as the bat-               ACC Officers’ Club
                                                        Regiment Liaison
         tle to keep it habitable was finally lost, following   Representative   TBC February   Officers’ Club Committee
         years  of  under-investment,  pending  closure.  This
         resulted in The RLC and Forming Corps having
                                                                         Friday 13th March   Annual Reunion Dinner and AGM
         to hold their ‘last suppers’ (at Deepcut) elsewhere
                                                                                          at Worthy Down
         which for the ACC resulted in a welcome return
                                                                         Monday 23rd March   Ladies Lunch, email
         to St Omer Barracks for an Officers’ Club Ladies
         Dinner Night in late October.
                                                                                          call 01252 678190 for details
            Refurbishment and renewal must be the order
         of the day as I have been informed that the Royal               Saturday 15th April   Club Lunch at Northcote, Langho,
         Garrison Church in Aldershot is to close for a                                   Blackburn
         major refurbishment from March – October next                   8th – 11th May   All Ranks Reunion at Sketchley
         year, therefore we will have to hold Corps Sunday                                Grange Hotel
         elsewhere. Corps Sunday lunch in July this year                 Tuesday 2nd June    Summer Lunch at Leander Club,
         was held at the Holiday Inn (Queens Hotel)                                       Henley on Thames
         Farnborough which was a welcome alternative
                                                                         Friday 28th August   Combined Officers’ Club and
         venue as Potters were unable to honour our book-
                                                                                          Sergeant’s (P&P) Association
         ing. We plan to return to the Holiday Inn in 2020.
                                                                                          reception and curry supper at the
                                                                                          Victory Services Club
         Front cover: Lt Col (Retd) John Henwood together with Pte James Mole from 167 Catering
         Support Regiment RLC preparing to lays the wreaths at the Service of Remembrance at Grantham    Friday 23rd October   Ladies Dinner Night, Aldershot
         on 10th November 2019.
          Editor: Major (Retd) Wally Vincent | Telephone:  01962 887767 | Email: | Website:
          ACC Association, RHQ The RLC, Worthy Down, Winchester, Hants SO21 2RG

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