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                                       Where are they Now?

        Dear Editor,
        Forgive me for writing but I have for sometime been  contacts were in the mess. I wondered if any of the sergeants

        trying to trace old ACC colleagues and have been passed  from that time appear in your records or indeed are still alive
        your details for possible help. My name is Richard Waite,  and would appreciate any information you have. Getting old
        I was the Education Sergeant attached to ACC at 4CIC  myself has made me think back to what to me were good
        Jaffa Lines Catterick from 1956 to 1958.  The CO was  times. Yours in hope Sgt Richard Waite 23309570 RAEC.
        Major Decker other officers included Capt Marlow, Major  Editor, if any member wishes to contact Richard please drop me
        Kimberley, Lt Geffries and Capt Benussi. Most of my  an email or letter and I will be pleased to forward this to him.

                        50th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
         Calling all 1st Intake 1972-74 Army Apprentice College ACC

        Calling  all  members  of  the  1st  intake  1972-74  Army  Anyone listed on these nominal roles are invited to make
        Apprentice  College  Army  ACC,  including  45th  intake  contact. If you are interested in attending, with partners,
        members whose names are featured in these nominal  this 50th anniversary celebration, please contact Martin

        roles for the 1974 passing out parade. On the weekend  (Robbo) Robertson on or on
        10 September 2022, Martin Robertson and Nick Jenkins are  01392 466107. If any reader knows the contact details of
        organising a 50th anniversary celebration. At present they are  any of the persons listed, please contact Martin Robertson
        considering two or three possible locations to hold this event.  or pass on his details.

         App/P Airey          App J Cornish       App D M Hall         App/Cpl R May        App K J Shea
         App I C Allman       App P F Creasey     App T Hall           App J D McGuire      App S Small
         App D Armstrong      App/Sgt S P Cromwell   App/Sgt F J Hancill   App/Lcpl A M McWhirter  App J Smith
         App R S Arneil       App A J Crow        App J R Hankins      App J Melling        App M J Smith
         App G Atkin          App/CSM M Dance     App C W Harkin       App R S Mitchell     App T B Smith
         App A J Atkinson     App/RSM I Diamond   App M Hing           App/Lcpl D Morris    App A Snowdon
         App C Barrett        App H T Dixon       App/Sgt T Holgate    App P Morris         App/Sgt C J Sobey

         App/Cpl K Bell       App/Lcpl G E Durlik   App S R Holmes     App I F Mundie       App/Cpl R Sparrow
         App G Bevan          App C D Edwards     App P A Howard       App C Murdoch        App C N Stacey
         App J S Blackmore    App S Elkin         App/Cpl R E Howitt   App D Panton         App P Stebbings
         App/Cpl I Blackstock   App/Lcpl T R Ellison   App R Hughes    App G G Perry        App/Sgt J Steveson
         App R Booth          App/Cpl J Faulkner   App M Hull          App C G Pollard      App D Tabor

         App G Bourne         App/Cpl V Ferrie    App/Cpl S J Ibbotson  App A Porter        App S Taylor
         App/Sgt A Bowler     App/Lcpl N J Francis   App N G Jenkins   App L Pound          App P Wellstead
         App/Lcpl R T Brady   App R Gage          App R E Jones        App/Lcpl J Pratt     App/Cpl N White
         App D F Brooks       App/Sgt C A Gears   App/Lcpl M Jones     App A Preuss         App/Sgt S White
         App S R Brown        App G L Gray        App/Cpl R Leary      App P J Read         App/Lcpl D Whiteford
         App/Sgt K P Brownless   App/Cpl D R Griffiths   App M F Lewis   App D Reed         App/Cpl B Willett
         App B Bull           App/Lcpl D Hadden   App/Lcpl D Lovell    App A J Reid         App G R Wilson

         App A J Cook         App R A Haggerty    App C Markwick       App M G Robertson    App/CSM I Wilson
         App P J Coppack      App P Haigh         App D J Mason        App/Cpl D Rowlands   App R Woodhouse

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