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       Dear Editor,                                                            14557867 Pte R.S. RIDOUT ACC
       My wife & I had the honour recently to                                  who was with the Airborne Brigade
       visit several Military Cemetaries in the                                and was killed on the 7th June 1944.
       Normandy area on our drive home from                                    I  have attached a  photograph  of his
       holiday in Southern Spain. During that                                  headstone. We had also visited, prior to
       time we visited Arromanche where                                        Normandy, the village of ARADOUR-
       there are several named ACC members                                     SUR-GLANE where on the 10th June
       who died during the invasion.  This                                     1944 the SS murdered 642 men, women
       time we visited several Canadian sites,                                 &  children then blew  up  the town.
       at one we found a headstone located at                                  This has been left exactly how it was
       the side of the main graves, apparently                                 after this terrible day to remind people
       this was placed there when the men                                      of what was done to innocent people.
       were reburied properly and they could                                   A look at the story on the web about
       not locate exactly were his body was, so                                this atrocity is very moving. Finally,
       a headstone was placed there to com-                                    I joined the ACC on 9th May 1967
       memorate his sacrifice. We also visited                                 leaving in January 1970 to be posted
       the site of where CSM Hollis won the                                    to  Windsor, Detmold, Ireland and
       only VC on D-DAY and then to the vil-                                   Norway. I was in H&J Squad of Owens
       lage where his statue and memorial to                                   Platoon during my time at the depot
       the Green Howards is located. Finally                                   and saw the transferal from the old
       we visited the village of RANVILLE                                      barracks to the new. Perhaps anyone
       to see the Commonwealth War Graves,                                     that remembers me and want to get in
       next to which is the local church and                                   touch please do my details are below.
       in the churchyard there  are about a                                    Regards, Terry Webster
       dozen war graves. One of which is for                         

       Dear Major Vincent,
       I  trust  this  email  finds  you           completing a major refur-
       well, and look forward to                   bishment in that area and
       meeting you soon. I am not                  I  noted  prior  to  the  refur-
       sure if this is suitable for                bishment they didn’t have an
       the “Cauldron”  magazine                     original ACC plaque.  They
       but thought I would let you                 have now consolidated all the
       know anyway. I recently pre-                unit/regimental plaques onto
       sented an ACC plaque to the                a number of walls altogether
       Union Jack Club in London.                rather than spread out. As you
       Not sure if you have been there,       can see the ACC plaque has centre
       but adorned all around on the walls  stage on  one of the walls after I pre-
       in the reception/foyer area are various  sented it to Marcus Appleton on behalf
       Unit/regimental plaques. They are just  of the Union Jack Club. Marcus was my

                                                                               platoon commander at 3/82  Venning
                                                                               Platoon, Army Apprentices College
                                                                               many moons ago! Please feel free to
                                                                               contact me should you wish to do so.
                                                                               Kind regards, Michael Bristo

                                                                               Editor: Thank you Michael, I was delighted
                                                                               to hear that the one you presented has been
                                                                               displayed in pride of place.

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