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                                    Letters to the Editor from

                                    Around the Regions

         Paul Shepherd recently attended an  the ACC Offrs’ Club. Hopefully, they’ll  Editor. Thank you Paul, one of the group
         RLC Late Entry Officers’ Dinner  be in touch soon if our chat at the   has already joined the Association, keep up
         night and writes:                   dinner table inspired them to join?  the good work.
                                             Speak soon, kind regards, Paul
         Dear Wally,
         Please find attached a photograph taken
         at the Quartermasters’ and Late Entry
         Officers’ 45th Dinner Night, held at The
         Duke of Gloucester Barracks, in South
         Cerney, on Friday 4th October 2019. It
         shows all the ‘foodies’ who attended the
         dinner – their names are:
            Rear Row: Maj Carl Fulford, Capt
         Nick Townley, Capt Richie Pickin, Capt
         Dale Riddell, Capt Nathan Kelsey, Capt
         Jim Powell, Capt Kev Halbert
            Front Row: Maj (Retd) Paul
         Shepherd, Maj Nick Homer, Lt Col
         Dougie Brown, Maj Guy Thewlis, Maj
         Steve Carley, Maj (Retd) Mark Harris
            There were three or four newly com-
         missioned chefs as part of the group and
         I  have sent them some info  regarding

                                                                                  Dear Editor,
                                                                                  I am arranging a reunion to celebrate
                                                                                  the 50th Anniversary of RSTU squads
                                                                                  who joined the Army Apprentices
                                                                                  College (ACC) in September 1971,
         Op Banner 50 – 14 August 2019                                            for sometime in 2021. Although I
                                                                                  have several names and contact details,
         National Memorial Arboretum                                              there are many who I have been unable
                                                                                  to contact. Could you please put a note
         Dear Wally,                                                              in The Flaming Cauldron and ask any
         A short note of thanks to Associations   I was pleased to see that the main-  former members of RTSU squads to
         for your support following a successful  stream media recognised the importance   contact me at  paulrowcliffe@yahoo.
         commemorative event at the NMA  of the UK military’s role in ultimately Editor: I am delighted to be able
         marking the 50th anniversary of  the  delivering a peaceful solution as part   to place this notice as a former member of
         start of Op Banner. Despite poor  of The Good Friday Agreement; a fact   RSTU squads myself, please get in touch
         weather, nearly 2,000 veterans & their  most effectively made by Ben Wallace,   with Paul so that we can have a great
         spouses, bereaved  family  members  Def SofS, who was also able to spend   reunion in 2021.
         and representatives of the emergency  time with the veterans.
         services remembered the Service &      With your permission, I will write
                                                                                  Martin (Robbo) Robertson is seeking to
         Sacrifice of the 300,000 that served  to you in the coming weeks with an
                                                                                  attract members within a 50 mile radius of
         in Northern Ireland over 4 decades.  outline of the Legion’s commemorative
                                                                                  Exeter to  a Breakfast  Club.  Any  ACC
         You will also be aware that the names  programme up to the end of 2020.
                                                                                  Association member living within this
         of 1,441 killed in the Province or as a   Yours aye
         result of terrorism overseas are listed                                  mileage range please contact him if you
                                                                                  are interested in joining. So far there are
         on the Armed Forces Memorial which
                                                                                  at  least  8  members  interested.  Please
         formed the focal point of the ceremony,
         led by Lt Gen James Bashall CB CBE,   Bob Gamble OBE, Assistant Director   contact Martin at:
         the Legion’s National President.    for Commemorative Events
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