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          The Last Post

                                                                        1947, the year he got married. It turns out Bruno
                                                                        ‘manipulated’ his age when he was 14 in order to
                                                                        take up an offer of an apprenticeship in the Midland
                                                                        Hotel, Birmingham! He then completed his hotel
                                                                        and catering training at the Palace Hotel San
                                                                        Moritz and at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich.
                                                                        In 1937 he returned to Torquay where he became
                                                                        assistant to the managing director of the Imperial
                                                                        Hotel. Two years later, in 1939, he became the man-
                                                                        ager of the Vernon Court Hotel and remained in
                                                                        that post until war broke out soon after.
                                                                           It was always thought he changed his year of
                                                                        birth to join the army, but it appears he did so in
                                                                        order to take up an apprenticeship. However, once
                                                                        it was on all his documents, it was inevitable that
                                                                        this information had to be carried forward into his
                                                                        Army service. He joined the Devonshire Regiment
                                                                        as a soldier in 1939 but within two years, owing
                                                                        to his practical knowledge of catering and hotels,
                                                                        together with his experience in all areas of the
                                                                        hospitality industry, he was commissioned in 1941
                                                                        into the Army Catering Corps just one day after
                                                                        it was formed. Bruno saw service in many coun-
                                                                        tries including India, Iraq, Africa, Italy, France and
                                                                        Germany where he remained for a while after the
                                                                        war ended, and where he met his wife Marguerite
         Major Stanley Bernard (Bruno) Burford –      Major Bruno Burford   who was from Belgium. He held a wide variety of
                                                      proudly showing off his
         ‘Father of the Army Catering Corps’
                                                      100th Birthday Card from
         5th May 1917 – 28th August 2019
                                                      the Queen
         Bruno Burford retired from the ACC in 1972, just one
         year after I joined as an Apprentice, so I can’t claim to
         have known him personally very well. Although, hav-
         ing been commissioned a few years later, I do remember
         Bruno attending annual Officers’ Club reunion din-
         ners and Corps Sundays over time. Only a few months
         ago  I  received a  communication  from  his  son  James
         informing me that, at the grand age of 102, Bruno was
         having difficulty reading copies of the ACC and RLC
         Association magazines so perhaps I should now stop
         sending them! Bruno’s 100th birthday was featured
         in a previous edition of the ACC Association maga-
         zine. My thanks go to James Burford for providing
         so many recollections of Bruno’s long life. Editor
            As a father to Maureen, who unexpectedly
         passed away earlier this year, and James, Bruno was
         always kind and very loving; never raised his voice
         in anger, indeed someone once said ‘interacting with
         you is always a delight, you even knew how to be cross
                                                                                                    Major Bruno Burford’s
         beautifully’, and  was a firm  but fair disciplinarian.
                                                                                                    Administrative Card
         Where possible his kindness, love and patience also
         extended to his grandchildren who were fortunate to
         spend many hours under his tutelage.
            According to his birth certificate, Bruno was
         born in 1917 but, on his baptism certificate it says
         ‘born in 1914’. However, he was actually baptised in

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