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                          Letters to the Editor from

                          Around the Regions continued

         Dear Editor,                        dragged the offer and dining experience
         Having been in the                  into the 21st century. There are of course
         position  of  CEG                   differences  of  opinion,  as  you  would
         Head of Trade for just              expect  from  such  a  large  organisation,
         over  a  year  now,  and            not everybody is willing to embrace
         having be given ample               PAYD but, for the trade, we are now
         breathing space by the              realising the benefits and opportunities
         ACC  Association,  I                it has to offer. As each new generation
         think it is a timely  WO1 (Cdr) S Griffiths  of contracts improves, and we continue
         opportunity to share with your readers  to have a seat at the table enabling us
         a view from within the trade;  Wally  the opportunity to engineer the best   1UKXX chefs on the training area in Archers Post in
                                                                                 Kenya: Ex ASKARI STORM
         Vincent has been particularly patient, for  possible environment for our chefs, I am
         which I am incredibly grateful.     sure we will continue to reap the rewards  production during operations and train-
            As your readers are no doubt be  from working in a civilian environment.  ing activities, and we still have a critical
         aware some time ago now the MoD                                         role to play in building and maintain
         contracted out the food service provision                               fighting power in the Army. As has been
         within barracks, stations and camps the                                 highlighted recently with our support to
         length and breadth of the UK. We are                                    the Royal Navy and the ever-increasing
         currently in a phase of contracts called                                number of active operations around the
         HESTIA which, in my opinion, for the                                    world, we are still a highly respected
         trade, are light years ahead of where we                                trade, always in demand and at the fore-
         started when Pay as You Dine (PAYD)                                     front of Defence activities. This is built
         was rolled out all those years ago. That                                on reputation we inherited from you the
         said I think it would be fair to say the                                readers, former members of the trade,
         transformation to PAYD created a long                                   Army Catering Corps or Royal Logistic
         lasting period of mourning within the                                   Corps alike. It is a reputation we fiercely
         trade at the loss of our own kitchens and                               defend and continue to build upon for
         DMR accounts; after all it was a radical                                future generations. This is something I
         and fundamental change to the way we                                    am eternally grateful to our forebears
                                             3 CDO BDE chefs
         did our business as chefs. In addition                                  for, soldiers and officers, no matter how
         to this we lost St Omer Barracks, our   However, contracts do not define   long you served, you laid the foundations
         school of excellence and home for so  how we as a trade conduct our     for where we are now. The trade might
         many years, moving to Worthy Down,  business, they are merely supporting us   not be something you recognise at first
         endured a long and protracted period of  to build a better future for our chefs. We   glance but scratch the surface and you
         redundancies  and restructuring across  now have a solid foundation of facility   will find a passionate, capable, trusted
         the service under Army 2020. All com-  management, contract management and   and slightly qwerky group of chefs who
         bined there was a great sense of upheaval,  assurance  skills  to  build  upon  which,   revel in a highly charged and rewarding
         and uncertainty about the future.   with the help of the Army Catering   environment – the kitchen.
            Thankfully today things are starting  Training  Trust, we are developing
                                                                                 To you, I salute.
         to settle down again allowing trade per-  several civilian qualifications to enhance
         sonnel to refocus our attention on the  the offer to our soldiers. Our primary   Griff
         primary capability output; supporting  focus will always be three square meals   WO1 (Conductor) Simon Griffiths
         the Army’s mission. PAYD goes from  each day, be it in a capacity of contract   Command Catering Warrant Officer
         strength to  strength and  has  arguably  assurance in barracks, or hands on   Army Headquarters

         Food Service Training Wing (Land), support event at   LADbible event with James Cochran    Army chefs are currently on an 18 month detachment
         Chelsea Hospital                    (Great British Menu)                with HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH

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