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         September 1967 Apprentices’ reunion

         When Lockdown came upon us, using Facebook and other
         forms of Internet wizardry, a group of veterans started to
         get back in touch with each other. K,L,M&N Squads, who
         had joined JTR ACC as Apprentices in September 1967
         had been 36 strong at passing out and by the end of
         lockdown, 23 living or passed had been traced.
            Unfortunately two ex-apprentices (Brian  Thwaites and
         William “Bill” Heather) passed before we could get together.
            A reunion was arranged for those who could travel,
         in Birmingham, for the Monday to Wednesday, 9th, 10th and
         11th May 2022.
            In attendance were, Paul Hammett, Dick Hurley, Mick  were a great deal more modern than the old garages at St Omer!
         Brearton, Bob Aris, Roger Holloway, Dave  Tattam, Dave   We were joined virtually, during proceedings by John
         Brown, Stuart Tointon, Dennis Bessent, Gordon McKenney  Smith, Ken Brooksbank and Chris Stone (another ST&U
         and Leighton Anderson. They were joined by Dave Brown’s  representative) to bemoan their inability to attend, something
         “little brother” Paul and Rod Burton of ST&U Squads. Paul  we hope to address for the next occasion.
         had experience of organising their Reunion and was a great   The photograph above is of attendees and ask if any readers
         help, and Rod was a fellow lecturer at Birmingham University  (or your good self) can be of any assistance in the tracing of
         College with Taff Anderson of which more below.        still “absent friends”: Colin Adshead, Gordon Aggas, Eddie
            On Day 2 Leighton (who had been retired as a lecturer for  Barlow, Gordon Burgess, Jim Burt , Graham Camp, Michael
         five years!) arranged a tour of the catering school facilities at  Cloke,  “Errol” Flynn, Dave Gaff, Dick Greenough,  “Jock”
         BUC and a splendid lunch that had been prepared by the stu-  Henry, Peter James, Tom Jenkinson, Malcolm Poots, Peter
         dents. So, a trip down memory lane for all, although the facilities  Smith, Cliff “Taff” Wall and Dave Weyman.

         Dear Editor                         Platoon) and O (Scarisbrick) Squads  Squads and it wasn’t until 2007 that
         I was saddened and then interested in  where we trained together for the next  I tried to make contact once again. I only
         the ‘Last Post’ section of Edition No: 58  two and a half years, finally passing out in  had one response, that was from John
         Winter 2021 to read about the passing of  December 1966. I was posted to the 1st  Carlile. We exchanged a couple of letters
         Chas Povey. I enlisted at the same time  Battalion the Green Howards stationed  as he was living in Canada and he had
         as Chas and was in Alexander Platoon,  in Colchester, part of the Spearhead  also been searching for lost comrades.
         C Company. I didn’t really know  Brigade at the time. Meanwhile, I lost  Please would you print the photo of N &
         Chas until we were put into N(Byford  all contact with members of N and O  O Squads in December 1966 at Clayton
                                                                                 Barracks. Yours sincerely, Alan Atkin.
                                                                                   Ed:  If anyone would like to contact
                                                                                 Alan he has included his email address:

                                                                                 CLAYTON BARRACKS. Dec 1966
                                                                                 From left to right. And top to bottom
                                                                                 1. Broomfield, Woolly, Senneck, Yarwood, Pratt, Hughs
                                                                                 2. Hunter, Atkin, Eyre, Griffith, Longmuire, Tall
                                                                                 3. Ongly, Povey, Carlile, Burton, Luckeko?, Scott
                                                                                 4. Rice, Lund, Giles, Dobson, Simonds.
                                                                                 There are one or two missing from this photograph as it
                                                                                 was taken after the passing out parade. As far as I can
                                                                                 remember they are:
                                                                                 Cormack, granted extra days travelling as he came from
                                                                                 the Orkney Isles
                                                                                 Bull and Bowles these comrades were in the Regimental
                                                                                 band and were allowed to travel home early.
                                                                                 If there is anyone missing I apologise

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