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            New Head of Chef Trade

         With this being my first article for  The ACC   WO1 Martin Foulds   in on the gold medal winners – Pte Megan Sands
         Association magazine, I’d like to introduce   photographed outside   (junior chef of the year), Pte Nayan Gurung (junior
                                                      the Headquarters Field
         myself, but before I do, I’d like to say a huge thank          plated chicken), Cpl  Viet Phan (open feathered
                                                      Army Families Building,
         you to Capt Olly Rogers. Capt Rogers has left a   Marlborough Lines,   game), LCpl Steven Stewart (open plated vegan),
         legacy that is going to be very hard to follow and  Hampshire  LCpl David Wood (open hot dessert), WO2 Steph
         will be sorely missed as a tradesperson, although
         I know he will still wear our trade on his sleeve.
         He has now taken up the post of SO3 Comms in
         the RLC RHQ – the very best of luck, Sir.
            I’m WO1 Martin Foulds, the new head of the
         chef trade – a role in which I’ve spent pretty much
         my whole career pursuing. To be the head of the
         trade that made me who I am today is such an
         honour and I only have the chefs’ interests at heart.
         I have a couple of themes that I’d like to concentrate
         on during my tenure and the first is that I’m people
         focused and will make every effort to try and visit
         as many of the trade as I possibly can. The second
         theme is to lead and support the trade through the
         changes of the recent future soldier review and to
         communicate the finer detail of this as soon I’m
         able to. Finally, I’d like to put increase the trade’s
         reputation within the RLC and recognise the great
         people we have in our trade and as promised, I’ll
         now go through some of the recent great successes.
            I’ll start with Ex JOINT CATERER, the
                                                        Sgts Rachyel Ainsworth
         highlight of the inter services culinary arts world.
                                                        and Grahame Wickham
         To name every category and what each chef        being awarded best
         achieved would fill up most of this article so I’ll hone   international team

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