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       Chairman of Judges – Captain (Capt) G Acott      Lt Col (Retd) Nigel
       and contractors in direct support of the Deployable   Shepherd ex ACC,
                                                      presents a Gold medal
       Food Programme.
                                                    certificate to Leading Chef
          It was a great relief that after postponements    Mhari Main
       over the last 2 years that the competition went
       ahead and it did not take long to establish that the
       same passion, skills and fierce inter Service rivalry
       was still there. We were pleased to host both the
       Minister for Defence Personnel and Veterans and
       many senior officers. It was also the last competition
       with Geoff Acott as the Chairman of Judges and
       tribute is paid to his dedication, wise counsel and
       advanced technical skills throughout the many
                                                    Major (Retd) Geoff Acott
       years he has been Chairman of Judges.                          Competition triumphed over the impact of COVID
                                                    Chairman of Judges with
          The Royal Navy won the Competition, though   Mr Kevin Bryne (known to   and the many restrictions imposed. Next year the
       in reality everyone who competed won as the   many at St Omer Barracks)  Competition will be held at the East of England
                                                                      Arena in Peterborough on the 21st and 22nd
                                                                      November 2023.
                                                                      Lt Col NR Shepherd

                                                                      The audience at the Competition

                                                                      Lt Col (Retd) Nigel Shepherd
                                                                      with Ecolog, the main
                                                                      sponsor of Ex JOINT CATERER
                                                                      and the official judges,
                                                                      including Major (Retd)
                                                                      Harry Lomas ex ACC

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