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                                                    Ptes Theo Carr and
                                                    Megan Sands sharing joke
                                                    with the Army Sergeant
                                                    Major after receiving Army
                                                    Sergeant Major’s coins

       Blake (front of house as part of the cook and serve
       team) and LCpls Sachin Limbu and Prakash
       Gurung (open centre piece).
          On the international front, Sgts Rachyel
       Ainsworth Grahame Wickham both competed in
       this year’s Joint Culinary Training exercise in Fort
       Lee, America and came away winning best inter-     Cpl Viet Phan –
       national team.                                   Ex JOINT CATERER
          Back on home soil, we celebrated Pte Joslyn,
       who is the Army intermediate apprentice of 2022
       – pitted against all apprentices across the British
       Army, she came out on top. Finally, a huge congrat-
       ulations to Cpl Marius Mostert who was deemed
       to be the Army chef of the year. He was just pipped
       to the post when this prestigious achievement
       saw him being put through to the Armed Forces
       Caterer of the Year awards as part of the public sec-
       tor hospitality awards that took place in London.
          I’ll close by saying farewell to some of our senior
       WO1 cohort, whom will very soon move across to
       the Officers Mess, paving the way for the next gen-
                                                        Pte Joslyn receiving
       eration of senior chefs. We wish them all the very
                                                      her Army intermediate
       best and hope that, although no longer a chef by   apprentice of 2022 award
       trade, they will always keep a close eye on us.   from the Army SM

       50th Anniversary of the Headquarters 16th Independent Parachute

       Brigade Officers’ Mess Bombing

       Towards the end of my tenure as  the Official IRA, claimed as revenge
       Secretary I was privileged to be invited  for Bloody Sunday. A Padre and six
       by  The President, Chairman and  civilian staff (mostly female cleaners)
       Members of the Aldershot Branch of  were killed and 19 others wounded.
       the Parachute Regiment Association  The occasion included the unveiling
       to a Drumhead Service on  Tuesday  and dedication of a new Memorial to
       22nd February 2022 to commemorate  the victims in what is now Pennyfathers
       the 50th Anniversary of the bombing  Road, part of the new housing develop-
       of the Parachute Regiment Officers’  ment on the original site of the Officers’
       Mess. I recall that day very well as I was  Mess. I’m sure members will wish to
       into my second term as an apprentice  visit this new Memorial if they are in
       at the College.  The car bombing on  the Aldershot area.
       22nd February 1972 was an attack by  Major (Retd) Wally Vincent

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