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The   primary   aim   of   this   3   day   event   is   to   provide   Caterers,   Chefs   and   Stewards   of   all   three   services   with   a   competition   that   further   develops   their culinary   skills,   nurtures   pride   in   professional   achievement   and   builds   team   spirit   for   the   ultimate   benefit   of   the   Armed   Forces   as   a   whole.   Why   not make a point of  attending at least one of these days but it is worth noting that Tuesday 9th October is themed as the "Army Day" . The   centre   will   be   open   from   0800   until   1700   with   a   full                                                                                                each   day.   You   will   have   the   opportunity   to   watch   chefs   and   stewards   of the   British   Armed   Forces   compete   in   a   variety   of   individual   and   team   live   classes   in   the   Practical   Cookery   Theatre.   At   the   same   time   there   will   be the   Inter-Services   Open   Field   Cookery   Challenge   and   a   static   Culinary   Salon   display.   You   will   also   be   able   to   meet   around   50   exhibitors   of equipment   or   food   and   drink,   plus   representatives   of   the   ACC   Association   Executive   Council   will   be   there   to   answer   questions   and   recruit   as   many of the caterers into the Association. A   full   description   of   the   event   and   directions   to   the   location   and   the   process   required   to   gain   entry   to   the   security   controlled   establishment   can   be found in the Visitors Guide. See the link to this document below. Visitors   arriving   at   the   Defence   Academy   should   first   visit   the   Reception   building   at   the   main   entrance.   Car   parking   is   available   in   front   of Reception.   Photographic   identification   will   be   required .   The   reception   desk   staff   will   issue   a   temporary   pass   and   will   assist   with   directions   to your destination on the campus. Re-Arrival Registration In    order    to    speed    up    your    entry    please    pre-register    your    attendance    by    sending    your    name    and    the    date    you    wish    to    attend    to erica.fuller101@mod.gov.uk
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Technology School Defence Academy of the United Kingdom Shrivenham, Wiltshire, SN6 8LA Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th October 2018
Exercise JOINT CATERER 2018
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