The   Communion   Service   will   start   at   1000hrs   in   St   Annes   Church,   Harrowby   Road,   New   Somerby,   South   Kesteven, Lincolnshire,   NG31   9ED.   Soldiers   from   Catering   Support   Regiment   will   be   the   ushers,   the   readers   and   will   do   the collection.             Following   the   service   there   will   be   an   Act   of   Remembrance   in   the   church,   during   which   RLC   and   ACC   Association wreaths will be laid in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.      167 Catering Support Regiment is the successor unit to Central Volunteer Headquarters (CVHQ) ACC,  it would be great if you could brush the beret, polish the medals and join other Army Caterers, past and present, in Grantham this Remembrance Day.
Remembrance Sunday with 167 Catering Support Regiment RLC Details