The Prince William of Gloucester Barracks - Grantham Saturday 18th May 2019
Lieutenant    Colonel    Jane    Cattermull,    Commanding    Officer    167    Catering    Support    Regiment    RLC,    has    invited members   of   the   Army   Catering   Corps   Association   to   visit   Exercise   ARMY   SUSTAINER,   which   takes   place   on Saturday 18th May in Prince William of Gloucester Barracks,Grantham, NG31 7TJ from 1000-1600hrs. Exercise   ARMY   SUSTAINER   is   the   annual   field   catering   and   culinary   art   competition   which   tests   and   showcases the   skill   and   professional   expertise   of   Army   chefs   of   all   ranks   both   regular   and   reserve.   Teams   from   across   the Army,   our   NATO   and   industry   partners   and   an   ACC   Association   team    will   take   part   in   competitions   throughout the   day,   focussing   on   operational   capability   and   the   Battle   Craft   syllabus.   All   the   competitive   cooking   will   be done   using   the   Operational   Field   Catering   System   and   there   is   a   wide   variety   of   classes   ranging   from   the   field catering   and   improvised   categories   where   judging   criteria   emphasise   the   nutritional   composition   of   the   meals, to the static classes which are designed to promote and demonstrate higher culinary skills. If   you   plan   to   visit   Ex   ARMY   SUSTAINER   you   must   register   your   intention   with   the   Association   by   completing   the on-line   booking   form   (use   the   link   above)    giving   your   name   and   car   details.   You   must   also   take   one   form   of   photo ID,   a   Passport   or   Driving   Licence,   to   gain   access   to   The   Prince   William   of   Gloucester   Barracks   on   the   day.   The closing date to register is 0900hrs Wednesday 1st May 2019 You    are    advised    you    should    wear    suitable    smart    outdoor    attire    with    stout    footwear.    There    will    be    the opportunity to taste the food produced in the team events and refreshments can be bought on site. 167   Catering   Support   Regiment   RLC,   the   only   dedicated   Catering   Support   Regiment,   is   the   successor   to   Central Volunteer   Headquarters   (CVHQ)   ACC.      It   is   hoped   that   members   of   the   Association   will   be   able   to   visit   this display of the British Army’s Reserve catering capability of today.
Click for Booking Form - Closing Date to book - 0900hrs Wednesday 1st May Click for Booking Form - Closing Date to book - 0900hrs Wednesday 1st May