ACC Officers’ Club Annual Reunion Dinner - Friday 15th March 2019 Booking Form

I wish to make the following booking for the ACC Officers' Club Annual Reunion dinner that will be held on Friday 15th March 2019 at 7.15pm for 8pm in the Officers' Mess in Worthy Down.

Dress for Dinner is DJ and Miniature Medals .

Accommodation, including breakfast, is available at a cost of £10 per head.

Yes        No

I will attend the Annual General Meeting at 6.15pm in Worthy Down Officers' Mess.

Yes        No

I wish to attend the dinner at £30 per head.

Yes        No

I require bed and breakfast at £10 per night.

Yes        No

I am aware there are very few single rooms,
so do not mind sharing a twin room.

Please Note: Details of the allocation of accommodation will be sent out in March
once the availability of Rooms in the Worthy Down Mess is known.

I cannot eat the following:

I would like to sit with:

Car Details (For registration with the Barracks Security Service.)

Registration No.                 Make                              Model                               Colour

Type of Payment (Please make your Payments as soon as possible. Thank you.)

I will pay by Bank Transfer via the Internet into The RLC Association Trust Fund Bank Account

Sort Code: 16-19-26 Account No: 14841865

Please use "ACC" and "YOUR SURNAME" as the Reference on the Bank transfer form;

for Example: "ACC Vincent"

I will send a cheque for the full amount to the Secretary, ACC Officers' Club, Dettingen House, Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut, Surrey, GU16 6RW.

Cheque made payable to “The RLC Association Trust Fund"

Clicking the “Submit” button will send an email to the Officers' Club Secretary with your requirements.
A copy of the email will also be sent to YOU at the email address you supplied above, so you can check that the email sent to the Secretary correctly shows your requirements.